Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) basketball is one component of the parish's youth ministry. Goals of the CYO basketball program at OLM (Our Lady of Mercy) & ND (Notre Dame of Mount Carmel) include: creating an opportunity for children to learn the lessons of competition, appreciate the gifts they possess and to encourage them to become responsible members of the parish community.  The CYO program offers a level of basketball that fits between town’s Recreation youth basketball program and competitive AAU travel basketball opportunities.  The level of play increases as a player progresses through the CYO program.   

Important Dates to Remember 

On-line registration for the upcoming season takes place from July 15th thru September 15th.  Tryouts will take place in late September (if necessary). The CYO season typically begins with practices starting in October.  Each team will have 2 practices times per week – one weeknight and one on Saturday, based on the head coach’s preference and availability.  All games are played on either Saturdays or Sundays. League games begin on the weekend before Thanksgiving and regular season continues on to early-February.  Post season playoffs if eligible start the 2nd week of February until beginning of March. 


Open to both boys and girls who are registered members of the parish (as of July) who are in 3rd through 8th grade.  Non-parishioners will be allowed to participate, if there are available spots.  

Teams and Player Selection 

Ideally every eligible child who wishes to participate will find a spot on a OLM/ND CYO team. Unfortunately, there are practical limitations regarding the number of children which can be accommodated, while maintaining the quality and effectiveness of the program.  OLM/ND plans on forming around 8-12 teams this season, based on the current demand to play CYO basketball.  The teams will include one team per gender per grade.  Unfortunately, there are occasions when the number of interested players exceeds our program’s capacity and a player will not make a CYO team.  

olm/nd CYO Basketball

CYO Basketball Program Costs 

The OLM/ND CYO program is intended to be affordable.  The player registration costs will be $200 per season. Uniforms will be provided at no additional cost. 

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