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I am grateful to Olivia B. Shepherd for helping me regain my freedom and life. I’ve always worried very much, but things got much worse with time, and at my lowest point, I couldn’t stand large crowds and was afraid of driving alone. The only place I felt safe was around my family. My mom heard about Olivia from a friend and got me signed up. Everything has been a fairytale ever since. She has equipped me with techniques to deal with my depression and anxiety issues. Her love and support have helped cast worries and fear out of my life. I can’t put a price on the assistance I’ve got so far; you are a Godsend, Olivia. Loads of thanks!

Nikki Andrews

Good morning Coach O, again thank you for creating this space and providing so many tools and amazing content for this healing journal. This is some straight freaking difficult but necessary work.  Despite having a therapist, I realized I needed relatable tools to help me be actively involved daily in my healing.  I am on a journey of back tracking to truly deal with a lot of challenges with honesty.  Some things, I have glazed over due to pure fear and not knowing how to do the "hard work".

 I truly believe your journey has allowed you to do what you do.  Thank you for giving me the tools to do the work of a demolitionist in my life.

Lady O, you have been an answer to prayer and I pray you are blessed abundantly.

Pearl M.

I have not been here the whole 20 weeks but I have learned a lot such as:1. there is no timetable on healing 2. Healing requires addressing the good, bad, ugly 3. Consistent Journaling is important and necessary 4. Intentional selfcare is necessary 5. I do not always need someone with me on this journey 6. My healing journey is designed for me. 7. The beautiful workbooks have been a helpful too with strategies to help me focus and take action.

Thank you Lady O for creating this space to help others while on your own healing journey...

RenewHer Coaching Client