1. Pohl, W., K. Schmedders and O. Wilms (2018). Higher-Order Effects in Asset-Pricing Models with Long-Run Risks, Journal of Finance, 73(3), 1061-1111. Download Replication Codes

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Research in Progress:

4. "The Price of Climate Risks when Investors Agree to Disagree on Climate Change" (with Thomas Lontzek and Marco Thalhammer).

5. "Asset Pricing with Heterogeneous Agents and Long-Run Risk", R&R (3rd Round) to Journal of Financial Economics (with Walter Pohl and Karl Schmedders). Download

6. "Adaptive Grids for the Estimation of Dynamic Models", R&R to Quantitative Marketing and Economics (with Gregor Reich). Download

7. "Relative Existence and Recursive Utility" (with Walter Pohl and Karl Schmedders). Download

8. "Because all Moments Matter: Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Long-Run Risk Models" (with Gregor Reich)

9. "The Term Structure and Time-Series Variation of the Pricing Kernel" (with Joost Driessen and Joren Koeter). Download