The Old Stereos Retirement Home

A caring home for unwanted old HiFi equipment - don't chuck it, retire it with us!

If you have any unwanted old stereo/hifi gear, we can collect it from you, anywhere in the UK.

If you don't have a box to pack it in we can even send you one along with packaging to keep it all safe, and arrange a pick-up or local drop-off if you can't wait in for a collection!

We can arrange a collection with Royal Mail, Parcelforce, DPD, DHL etc - most couriers have local drop-off points in newsagents, supermarkets, petrol stations & convenience stores so if you're out during the day or don't want to stay in waiting for a collection, there's probably a drop-off point nearby

We can collect in person around the Surrey, Sussex & Kent areas and occasionally do "collection runs" to other parts of the South of England

 Working, faulty or untested equipment are all welcome, your donated equipment will be repaired if necessary and used as intended 

It's important that vintage HiFi gear gets used regularly otherwise capacitors can degrade, leak, or go out-of-spec and speaker rubber/foam surrounds can dry out, crack or start to powder up and disintegrate

We have a complex switching arrangement so that every piece of equipment gets its turn at being used - every amplifier & set of speakers get a week or two in use, then others get switched over to

The effects of age on speaker drivers

This is what speaker drivers can look like when "foam rot" sets in - the foam surrounds have disintegrated... we can replace these to bring the speakers back to life!  

The effects of age on capacitors

Capacitors are found inside amplifiers, cassette decks etc, and on speaker crossovers - they can bulge and leak which needs to be fixed quickly as the contents are corrosive and can damage circuit boards... we can replace these to bring the units back to life! 

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We obtain quite a lot of equipment via ebay, visit us there