#OLCInnovate Kubis


The following Kubis are up and running: Conversations That Work, Innovation Lab and Plugin Lounge

What are Kubis? Interactive robotic cameras. You can click into a Zoom meeting room and interact with other virtual attendees as well as on-site attendees.

Where are they? There are more than 8 Kubis around #OLCInnovate. 4 of them are in the "Conversations That Work" space, and the others are in the Exhibit Hall, Innovation Lab, Plug-In Lounge.

<-Use the links on the left to various rooms, to see maps of where the Kubis are. Click on a Kubi icon to join the Zoom meeting.

Kubi Demo Webinar Recording: https://vimeo.com/210849625

You will enter the meeting muted. Please be sure to mute/unmute your audio as needed - rather than keep audio on all the time!

You can mute/unmute yourself by clicking on the microphone icon or in the Participants list next to your name. (See image below)

Or use the following shortcuts:

  • PC: Alt + A : Mute or Unmute
  • Mac: Shift + Command + A: Mute or Unmute
  • Telephone: *6 : Mute or Unmute


(Use the ^ icon next to Mute to see other audio options)

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