Ola Middle School Chorus

Mission Statement

The mission of this chorus is to foster a safe and uplifting environment for students to express themselves musically and learn valuable skills, through quality music education and excellent choral performance.

Class overview

The objectives of this course are outlined in the Georgia Standards of Excellence as well as the Henry County Teaching and Learning Standards. The objectives include learning to read and write music, learning the fundamentals of vocal performance, learning about the history of music and lastly, learning about the role music plays in society. Students will be expected to participate in performances that will enable them to demonstrate to an audience the concepts they have learned and the abilities they have acquired.

Sign Up for Chorus Today!

While it is recommended students join chorus in 6th grade, It is never too late to join! Simply email your request to bailey.harvil@henry.k12.ga.us


Ola Middle School Chorus


Ola Middle Chorus

Remind 101

Join for chorus reminders- Info in Handbook

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