OKX Exchange: Buy Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies

Buying crypto assets in your local currency is such a big task until you know where to buy and how to buy them. Well, if you also wish to do that and are wondering which platform would be right to do that, then OKEx exchange has got you covered. On this exchange, users would be able to buy their preferred crypto assets using their local currency. So, if you are also finding it a little challenging to buy cryptocurrency through your OKEx login profile, then you can definitely read the pointers given below and make sure that you are following the correct buying procedure.

On the other hand, you need to make sure you have access to the account that you have created on OKX. However, those of you who do not have account access first need to reset your password and regain account access.

Upon doing so, you can continue with the procedure that is given below and buy as many crypto assets as you want.

Buying crypto using local currency

Well, all of this can be done within a very short span. You just need to make sure that you are following the correct pathway for this. So, here we have listed the correct procedure to undergo OKEx Exchange login and buy cryptocurrency:

  1. Go to the official OKEx website

  2. Thereafter, you can choose to go ahead with signing into your account

  3. Followed by this, the exchange home page with some options would appear on your screen

  4. At the top of the page, find and click on the "Buy Crypto" option

  5. Now, a quick trade tab will be shown to you

  6. Here, you can stay on the "Buy" widget to open the purchase form

  7. Later on, you need to choose some details such as "Crypto you want to buy"

  8. Choose the currency type with which you want to make the purchase

  9. In the "Pay with" section, please choose the desired payment option

  10. Finally, click on the "Buy" option to end the task and complete your order


Based on the region you are living in, you will be provided with multiple payment options to buy cryptocurrencies of your choice. Just make sure that you are logging into the correct OKEx login profile and following the correct procedure to do so. Once you are done with this procedure, the crypto would start showing in your account and you can use them to trade whenever you wish to after undergoing research about the market value of the purchased coin.