A people-centered team of City of OKC employees.
We ask questions, listen and work alongside our residents and neighbors to solve problems and create new ideas.

Designing with people, for people

Over the last three months, residents have shared their stories, needs, wants and hopes about safety and strength of their neighborhoods and communities. This engagement and partnership help us better understand problems and bring us together to create new ideas and concepts to improve neighborhoods across Oklahoma City.

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Working to improve neighborhoods.

A team of 12 employees from different departments and backgrounds are working collaboratively with residents, City employees, community organizations and businesses to expand the City’s ability to think outside of the box and more effectively tackle challenging problems by putting residents at the center of designing and testing new ideas. The team was formed as part of Mayor David Holt’s participation in the Bloomberg-Harvard City Leadership Initiative.

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Design-based innovation

To have a "people-centered" mindset is to be curious about people, and to build empathy with them.

Short stories

Conversations with OKC residents, employees and innovation team members.