Detox and Rehab

Why Detoxification is Crucial to the Recovery Process

Addictions can often be tough to defeat, but luckily there are many different treatments and methods that can help those who are struggling with alcohol and drug addictions to overcome their narcotic problems.

In general, some types of treatment are more effective than others – and this will often be dependent on both the addict and their addiction. Successful help can rely solely upon these two factors, but the detoxification process is almost always crucial to the recovery process.

Why is detoxification so important when treating addiction?

As mentioned above, a number of things can help addicts to overcome dependencies; but there are some elements that are more vital to the recovery process than others. As a general rule, a range of treatments can be swapped and changed throughout the recovery process – but detoxification (more commonly known just as detox) is often an exception.

This is because, where most types of treatments focus on curing psychological dependencies, a detox can help a person to overcome the physical demands of addiction instead. Although mental addictions tend to be more powerful than physical ones in the grand scheme of things, physical manifestations of addiction still need to be overcome in order for a person to be able to get sober.

Overcoming a physical addiction to drugs or alcohol

Detoxification is often the first port for addiction treatment at a good drug and alcohol rehab center, as it is generally more difficult to overcome mental cravings when the physical ones are still present. This is largely down to the withdrawal symptoms that most people will suffer with.

If the addiction is strong enough, and the narcotic deadly enough, withdrawal can prove to be fatal – but with a detox carried out in a professional capacity, this risk is greatly reduced.

Medical experts use their knowledge and skills to make the process not only as safe as possible, but also as comfortable. They can do this by using alternative medication, to wean a user from one substance, to a less dangerous alternative.

However, when alternative drugs are used, the patient will likely have to go through the detox process again, to overcome the new dependency. It’s not likely to be anywhere near as dangerous, painful and unpleasant, however.

Detox and successful addiction recovery

As it is deemed impossible to fully overcome an addiction if a person still has physical cravings for a substance, detox is often seen as the key to a successful recovery. Many addicts find overcoming the physical issues bought on by dependency to be extremely difficult – and that subsequent treatment pales in comparison. Winning a major part of the fight against addiction (the physical need to use) can work to spur patients on, giving them the strength they need to continue to fight.

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