What is Microsoft Office Word 2007 ? | MS office setup

Microsoft Word is a part of the Microsoft Office application. There are many different software in Microsoft Office setup packages such as PowerPoint, Excel, Access, etc. People also know Microsoft Word by many other names like ms word, ms word 2007, Microsoft Word, Microsoft word 2007, winword, word, ms office, office work, etc. The original full name of Microsoft Word is Microsoft Office Word 2007. Microsoft Word is a program, ie an application software, with the help of which you can easily prepare your file? The run command of Microsoft Word is a winword. It is made by Microsoft company. By the way, before that many Microsoft Word was created in which Microsoft Office Word 2003 is quite obsolete. But people do not use Microsoft Office 2003 anymore because the user did not like it and while working in it, there was a need to search for tools. But it is quite easy to work in Microsoft Office Word 2007, all the tools are given in the ribbon bar so that the tools are easily available. Microsoft Word is the only software which is mostly used in the world, it is the most used software in the world. It was launched by the Microsoft company in 2007 for everyone, hence its name has also been given as Microsoft Office Word 2007. It is generally taught in Basic Computer Course (BCC), DADTP, CCC, etc. computer courses.

Features of Microsoft word

Microsoft Office Word is a very powerful full software, in which you can create letter pad, list 2, application cation, book, diary, school project, letter, magazine, newspaper, envelopes and mail merge, etc. In this, you can make all these files well, in this you get a variety of designs and tools like color, style, table, size, as well as you can also check that there is a spelling in the word you have written If it is not wrong, you can correct it. Whenever you write anything in it, its spelling check is also automatic and in case of wrong spelling, you are also told the correct word. There are many other similar features of Microsoft Word.

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