Can ERP Meet Your eBusiness Needs?

As a result of this push towards full eBusiness integration, businesses face challenges that force them to push the envelope of business information systems. ERP grew from its predecessors of MRP and MRP II, constantly expanding its solution footprint to address more and more of the needs of the enterprise. Yet ERP was not conceived to look beyond the “four walls” of the enterprise, regardless of how expansive those walls became, simply because the concepts of MRP and ERP were born in a time when companies were run as independent enterprises with arm’s length relationships with customers and suppliers. contact us for free crm software online

Not so long ago, if you delivered a good product on time, at a reasonable price, and you paid your bills in a responsible time-frame, how you managed your company was your own business. And ERP was designed to help you manage that business & erp systems for manufacturing .With a successful Odoo download and implementation you could process orders, manage inventory and production schedules to produce product within lead time. You could invoice customers, pay suppliers and balance your books. How automated your processes were was your business alone. Whether your information was managed using clerks and filing cabinets or on-line systems was transparent to your customers as long as you provided them the care and service they demanded. The fact that few companies fully exploited the powerful capabilities that led them to purchase their ERP system in the first place was a sad reality but an easily kept secret. Until now.