About OCOV-Lynchburg

One Community One Voice - Lynchburg works in partnership with the Lynchburg Police Department, the Lynchburg Sheriff’s Department and is the sponsor of a city-wide community outreach program entitled E.N.O.U.G.H (Empowering Neighborhoods to Overcome Undesirable behavior Gives us Hope). One Community One Voice - Lynchburg also hosts monthly meetings between law enforcement and the faith community in an effort to maintain transparency and accountability to the community, discuss challenges, and search for amicable solutions. One Community One Voice - Lynchburg also serves as a conduit for a broad range of community service providers by promoting their activities and encouraging the participation of the community and the support of other community service organizations. We believe that the community is better when we work together.

The E.N.O.U.G.H. neighborhood outreach program serves as an opportunity for the Faith community, in partnership with law enforcement, elected officials, and community leaders, to connect with high-risk neighborhoods throughout the City of Lynchburg. On Wednesdays, community partners set up sound equipment and a stage area, sing, give uplifting messages, and serve food and drinks. Neighbors come out and have fun sharing in the festivities. Citizens, including children, have the opportunity to laugh and talk with law enforcement. City officials come in an informal setting to listen to the concerns of citizens and interact with the community.

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Mission Statement

One Community One Voice - Lynchburg improves the quality of life for individuals and families by providing access to community, educational, and social resources and opportunities to equip youth and adults for a successful life.

Vision Statement

Changing lives one family at a time through...

· Healing efforts and building relationships.

· Working to raise individuals and families out of poverty.

· To improve access to educational and human services.

· Restore a sense of belonging, hope and encouragement.


Dr. James E. Camm shares insights behind the mission of the One Community One Voice - Lynchburg. This initiative, a celebrated partnership between law enforcement (Lynchburg Police Department and the Sheriff's Department) and local government, and numerous other Faith-based and community-based organizations, is an outreach of Living Word Community Development Corporation.


Officer Jeff Rater of the Lynchburg (VA) Police Department worked together with Dr. James Camm to establish One Community One Voice - Lynchburg and to launch its community outreach initiatives. Officer Rater has provided outstanding leadership to the community and to the organization.


Dr. James E. Camm shares insights behind the E.NO.U.G.H. community outreach initiative. E.N.O.U.G.H. (Empowering Neighborhoods to Overcome Undesirable behavior Gives us Hope) is a highly effective, award winning anti-violence anti-crime initiative in Lynchburg, VA.

Dr. James E. Camm shares insights into the B.I.K.E. (Believe In Kids Excelling) Program, which provides academic incentives to children at local elementary schools with the highest rates of poverty and underachievement. B.I.K.E. has proven to be a extraordinary success with improved student performance.


Dr. James E. Camm shares insights into how the organization's anti-crime and prevention programs have become a model for other cities. In 2018, the City of Lynchburg received the Virginia Municiple League Quality of Life Award for the Lynchburg Police Department's work with One Community One Voice - Lynchburg through CAT (Community Action Team). Other cities have taken notice and are looking to One Community One Voice - Lynchburg as an example of how to effectively lower crime and improve community relations between citizens and law enforcement.


One Community One Voice -Lynchburg's network has achieved 1) a more unified community, 2) an improved relationship between citizens and law enforcement relations, 3) lower crime, and 4) higher academic achievement among youth. We would like to thank the following participants for their meaningful contributions, which have led to our outstanding outcomes:

  • The Faith Community

  • Area Nonprofit's and Community Organizations

  • Individual Donors & Volunteers

  • Corporate Supporters

  • Lynchburg Police Department

  • Lynchburg Sheriff's Department

  • Lynchburg Fire Department

  • The City of Lynchburg

  • Lynchburg Parks and Recreation

  • Lynchburg Public School System


  • One Community, One Voice - Lynchburg in partnership with the Lynchburg Police Department was honored with the "Best of Us" award for community service. FEB 2019

  • The City of Lynchburg received the prestigious Virginia Municipal League's Innovation Award in the category of "Quality of Life" for LPD's Community Action Team's partnership with OCOV-Lynchburg, and the improvement in community relations. SEP 2018