Ocean Treasures Project

What is Ocean Treasures?

Ocean Treasures invites people living in and around the Ocean Estate, Stepney, to select a 'treasured possession' that has a special significance and expresses something important about them or their home or family life; and to share the stories behind the object.

We want to know!

Why it is so special?

If you never saw it again would you be sad?


We have already held creative workshops with pupils at Ben Jonson School and elderly Jewish members of the Brenner Centre, exploring their most treasured possessions and the memories and stories attached to these.

The aim of the project is to reveal the multiple, fascinating stories of the neighbourhood, connect different communities and celebrate the voices and experiences of local people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds.

The project will culminate in a website and a community exhibition at the Harford Street Multicentre in mid-March (date to be announced asap).

Ocean Treasures was conceived by journalist, photographer and Stepney resident Michael Willoughby in collaboration with creative producer, Clare Moloney.

Send us photos of your most treasured possession!

Do you have a treasured object you would like to share and talk about?

Please take an image of your object and send to hellooceantreasures@gmail.com along with some information about why it is so special and important to you.

We are looking for people to talk to, film and photograph discussing what matters to them.

Take a look at the work we have already been doing with Ben Jonson School and the Brenner Centre, below.