No Luncheon scheduled for December

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Oceanside Media Club

Next luncheon at the Arrowsmith

Tuesday, January 15th @ 12:00 Noon

The concept of a "media club" for the Oceanside area arose during a conversation that Verne Prior had in May of 2006 with jocks Dave Graham "the Beach" and Patrick Nicholson (now deceased) "the Lounge". Neil Horner (then of the Parksville Qualicum Beach News) was also contacted for his input. Up to then, nothing of its kind existed in the area. It was agreed that the creation of some informal association would provide a pleasant forum in which both active and retired individuals might gather regularly to exchange "war stories" in an unstructured and informal way over a good meal and libations of their respective choices. The first event was a dinner at a historic pub in the outskirts of Parksville, attracting 18 prospective members. As the group expanded with each succeeding get-together, it was felt that the facilities were no longer adequate to meet the club's growing membership list. A "committee" of two (Verne and Dave) explored various potential options in Oceanside, settling eventually on the facilities of Arrowsmith Golf Club where they have met regularly each month except for a brief period when the club's kitchen and dining facilities were being renovated. Peak monthly attendance was achieved when an average of 50 to 60 members turned out routinely to enjoy the fun and fellowship. Subsequently, a "breakaway" group formed but dissolved not too much later without achieving lasting success. Since then, several of the original group consisting now of approximately 35 members continues to meet for fun and fellowship at Arrowsmith. Expectations are that this group will continue to meet to share "war stories", reminisce about the many experiences they have enjoyed before the camera, behind the microphone, at the typewriter desk (and later at the computer keyboard), behind the camera lens, etc.

There's always a place at the table for new members who have worked in any media capacity.

Anyone interested is invited to get in touch with . . . . . .

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