Oasis Loans

Oasis Loans (Oasis Financial) offers plaintiffs involved in pending personal injury lawsuits to receive an advance on their case while the case is being handled. This can help people who are in a crunch and need money for immediate expenses including rent and food. It’s not designed for someone to use the advance for lavish discretionary spending although there are no restrictions on the use of funds.

How Does Oasis Compare to Other Companies in the Industry?

When you are searching for an advance on a pending lawsuit, it’s important to look at all of your options. We have reviewed a number of companies and can give you an idea of how Oasis loans stocks up against its competitors.

Lawsuit Loans Can Be an Oasis

How Much Does Oasis Charge Versus Other Companies?

Many companies offer a lowest rate guarantee on their website but in practice this tends to be more complicated than it seems. Many cases are denied by highly selective funding companies however Oasis can often act very quickly, in less than 24 hours and sometimes they can provide an advance the same day as your request if they have worked with your attorney before.

What's the Average Funding Amount for Personal Injury Case?

Funding at some companies can reach upwards of $500,000. Oasis Financial tends to focus on advances under $100,000 and fast efficient service. That’s their edge in the legal funding market. They don’t always have the lowest rates but their service is fast and as we stated, if they have worked with your law firm they can act on a same day basis.

Oasis Financial asserts that is the largest and most recognizable brand in the legal (lawsuit) funding world.