OAGC Teacher Division

What is the Teacher Division of the Ohio Association for Gifted Children?

We are the branch of the organization that connects with gifted intervention specialists, and regular classroom teachers to help in supporting our gifted children.

Our mission is to inspire and equip educators committed to the appropriate education of gifted children. You can find more information about the Teacher Division on the OAGC website.

Share your favorite App!

The Teacher Division Committee members are looking to hear from your about what your favorite app is, and how you use it in the classroom. We have created a Google Form for you to fill out. It will only take a few minutes. After you have submitted your own, take a second and see what other teachers have submitted by clicking here. Let's help each other, and our gifted children to get more developed and appropriate education using technology.

Let's Get Connected!

The Teacher Division wants to get connected with you, and you with other educators in the State of Ohio. We can only get stronger the more our numbers grow.

We all have been in those situations where we are in need of resources, fresh ideas, or just want to collaborate with an other teacher for something new and exciting. This is one way in which you can have the opportunity to do all that. Click here and fill out a short survey to get connected with others and allowing others to get connected with you.

Once you have filled out the short survey, click on this link to see who has taken the survey and would like to get connected.

The #ohiogtchat is a chat that held bi-monthly on Twitter sponsored by the Teacher Division of Ohio Association for Gifted Children. The chat started in 2014. The purpose of the #ohiogtchat is to bring parents, teachers, administrators, and advocates of gifted children together. The chat is on Sundays at 8pm ET, and is moderated by Jeff Shoemaker (@jeff_shoemaker) and Heather Cachat (@HeatherCachat). You can find all the information on this chat on the #ohiogtchat website. Below you will find updates on what is going on for the chat.

The idea behind this chat is to get teachers, gifted intervention specialists connected with each other in order to help support each other. We want to make sure you are not on an island left by yourself. You have others who are on the same island, or in the boat as you.

In this chat we discuss topics that are important to better understanding gifted children and the challenges they bring. Check out our site for upcoming chats. If you have a great idea for a chat we haven't covered please email Jeff at mr.jeffreyshoemaker@gmail.com, or on twitter. We are always looking for great chat topics.

Remember to get up to day information on Gifted Education and issues please follow @OAGCGifted.