New Zealand Juggling and Circus Festival 2023

When: Friday 3rd February 11:00am - Monday 6th February 2023 4:00pm

Where: Aongatete Outdoor Education Lodge, 834 Wright Rd, Aongatete, Katikati

The Aoteaora New Zealand Juggling and Circus Festival is coming back to Aongatete. Now with 4 days of workshops, shows and new friends in the middle of native doc bush. The festival brings together some of the country's top jugglers and circus performers, and they would love for you to join them. We will have plenty of workshops for all abilities and ages, We can introduce you to new skills and improve ones you might already have in your pocket. This is the event you don't want to miss!

Aongatete Event Guide


Address - 834 Wright Road, Aongatete 3178, New Zealand

Step 1: Put the address for Aongatete Lodge into your preferred GPS device.

Step 2: Follow the instructions of your GPS device as you drive (it’ll get you to the front gate).

Beware that the road leading up to Aongatete is a windy rural road. There may be farming vehicles on the road as you’re travelling to or from site. so remember to put your headlights on, go soft on the corners, and be courteous to the locals and other drivers.

Step 3: Your GPS will take you to the first carpark and front gate of Aongatete Lodge. The gate to the lodge is on the right of the carpark with a road leading up hill to the lodge.

If you’re arriving late at night, the gate will be shut. There will (hopefully) be a code (5242) posted on the gate for you to input which will open the gates. If this doesn’t work, park your car and walk up to the lodge and ask for Jason who can help you.


Mobile phone reception - Reception is patchy at best, however there is a small area between the main hall and the dorms which generally has enough reception for your basic internet fix and phone calls, if you really need them. Otherwise, it’s a short drive to the nearest town and ample reception.

Cars and Parking - Cars are allowed up at the lodge area to unload. Due to limited parking space and some people who have vans needing to park closer to the facilities, we ask that once you have unloaded you then drive back down the hill and park there.

Registration Desks & Signing In - The registration desk closes at 6pm every night. If you arrive after these hours, please come and find us & pay in the morning (after 9am) to sign in. It is important that you do sign-in so we can keep track of who is onsite for safety reasons.

Food and Kitchen - Food is, by and large, BYO. The lodge comes fully equipped for all of your general cooking, including 2 commercial stoves with an oven, microwave, toaster, a hot water zip on the wall, and all the bowls, plates and cups you could dream of. Please make sure that you properly clean, dry, and return all items you use to their original locations. If you happen to break anything in the kitchen, please let Jason or someone at the Registration Desk know ASAP. You won’t get in trouble, but we will ask you help cover the costs of a replacement.

Facilities - There is drinking water (kitchen taps), showers, toilets, dorm rooms, two halls, large kitchen, grassy areas, beautiful nature walks, and awesome people

Lost Property - Hopefully there will be none this year! But if there is, it’ll be at the Registration Desk. After the event we’ll post photos of the finds in the Facebook group NZJCF for you to claim. After a few months all remaining lost property will be donated to good-will. we wouldn’t need to include this - but we do. It gets very cold up at the lodge at any time of year. Bring layers, thermals, blankets, warm socks, and onesies! Dorm Etiquette - If you’re staying in or visiting the dorms, please be as quiet as possible. They’re an echo-y space, so deep voices, loud noises, and stomping feet can be louder than you realise.

Alcohol - Aongatete Lodge operates a responsible drinking policy. This means we can have beer wine or cider but NO SPIRITS. We’re all here to have a good time and a few beverages during the social times is fine, but it’s not a space to get trashed and need looking after in. If you require being looked after you may be asked to leave once it is safe for you to do so. There will be 5 people that are completely sober each night should any issues arise.


  • Sunscreen

  • Juggling Equipment (balls, clubs, rings, diabolos etc.)

  • Circus equipment (unicycles, stilts etc.)

  • Flow props (poi, staff, fans etc.)

  • Aerial equipment (there should be a rig set up)

  • Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, body wash, shampoo etc.)

  • Towels

  • Food (Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks)

  • Storage containers for leftover food

  • Refreshments

  • Cash money (raffle tickets, juggling props etc.)

  • Spare clothes - including warm layers

  • Something to sleep in (sleeping bags, blankets, pillows etc.)

  • Board games

  • Good vibes

Convention History

Since 1993 the "New Zealand Juggling and Circus Festival" has travelled all over the country, taking an exciting and diverse event to new kiwi communities. The Festival invites all local, national and international visitors, from complete beginners through to professionals. There is something for everyone. Each year 100 to 250 participants come together from all over the world to have a great time!

History of NZJF