Young WACA 

Young WACA 威郡新星

Young WACA was funded in 2018. Its mission is to support and  nurture youth and young adults to participate  in global, national and local decision-making  and social economic development processes,  through Outstanding Student Leadership and Community Service Award, Youth-organized Forums and Community Service Projects, and other innovative initiatives. 


Facing challenges as a teenager can cause a lot of confusion, especially when you feel like you failed.

The EPIC Success at Failures Summer Program teaches you to transform challenging experiences into knowledgeable advantages, acquiring new strategies and skills to face failure with confidence. They conduct research studies that help youth navigate negative emotions and failure situations and interpret them as pathways to success.  For more information,  please click the link to the EPIC Summer Program

迸发你全部的能量, 走出精彩,走向成功

成功真的有秘诀吗? 有,成功属于那些把 挫折或失败作为他们达到更大成功的阶梯的人。如何击败挫败这只拦路虎呢,哥伦比亚大学“耐挫与创新教育研究中心”(简称EPIC,Education for Persistence and Innovation Center)知名教授和学者共同支招。2023EPIC夏令营现在开始报名啦!  


EPIC会根据学生需求来分挫败提高小组,比如,担心考不到自己理想的大学、被自己热爱的社会小集团孤立、与让自己头疼的父母或兄弟姐妹矛盾重重、与老师或运动教练不和、与男女朋友关系不理想、自己非常努力但成绩总不够好, 等等。 

有了针对自己真正潜力及弱点的应对方法和能力, 走向成功那个人,正是你自己!详情请点击 EPIC Summer Program

Awards from Senate and General Assembly 

Past Events

Youth Art Exhibition 2021 

Congratulations to all young artists for their outstanding artworks and creativity!  

2021 New Year Art Work competition 

 Li Iris 

Lu  Emily(陆柠) 

Jason Li ( 李睿祺 ) 

Arts for Peace 

Arts for Peace - Youth Seminar and Exhibition for the SDGs

(November 8, 2019)  


(October 26-27, 2019)

For Adoption,  click here 

Baby Maxwell, adopted on January 4 , 2020, by  Crystal Feng

Medical and Humanitarian support  

1. Shoes drive for African boys and girls  who play soccer  - December 2019- January 2020.   

2. Support young boys and girls and children in Senegal - Youth volunteer trip to  reach the furthest behind  - February 14-24, 2020   

Young WACA members 

Vivirena  Wang,   Founder and President

Leona Liu, Vice President  (Director on Sabbatical Leave )

Nuanyang Nova Wang, Vice President (Director on Sabbatical Leave )


Young WACA Advisory Committee 

Sean Wang - Chair

Jean zhang - Education Advisor  

Wei Liu - Leadership  Advisor 


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