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The Westchester Association of Chinese Americans (WACA) is a non-profit organization registered under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. It promotes cultural and social harmony by working with schools, community centers and other culture organizations, providing assistance to students, artists, new immigrants and others to meet their financial and other needs; and organizing community activities such as Chinese New Year celebration, picnics, sports, and other social events. It also endeavors to provide an enabling environment to enhance the mutually beneficiary interactions between all communities and to promote cultural and social exchanges among them.


威郡中国年 “福兔送喜,牵手同庆”春节联欢会如期走来!乘着兔年为我们带来的无限的生机和祥和的祝福, 纽约威郡华人协会,在海投全球等公司的大力赞助下,为 观众准备了一场集舞蹈,器乐,魔术,武术,歌曲,语言类节目等多形式的综合联欢会。将于2023年2月18日, 在SUNY表演中心,隆重登场。


Adult - $40; early bird price*- $ 30

Senior (>65 &+): $30 ; early bird price*- $ 20

Child (<12): $30; early bird price*- $ 20


Congratulations to 2022 WACA Outstanding Student Leadership and Community Service Award Winners:

  • 1st Place Winner: Alicia Xin

  • 2nd Place Winner: Amelia Liu

  • 3rd Place Winner: Sophia Huang

|| 2022 威郡春节联欢会节目回放 || 2022 WACA CNC Replay ||

2022 威郡春节联欢会 - 节目荟萃 - Individual performance of Chinese New Year Celebration

Please Click the link(s) below to Watch


龙狮腾跃 【录像回放】 –大纽约华夏中文学校

新年祝福 【录像回放】WACA Board

Mr. George Latimer, Westchester County Executive

Jerry Wang, CEO at Haitou Global

榜上有名【录像回放】 WACA 2021 优秀学生奖

Grand Performances(盛大演出)

MC 【录像回放】 -王睿娜

1.儿童舞蹈: 你笑起来真好看【录像回放】 -夏玫舞蹈工作室,华夏纽约中心学校

2.书法祝福【录像回放】 - Chenhao Angel Zhao/赵晨皓

3.彝族舞蹈: 好姑娘 【录像回放】-夏玫舞蹈工作室

4.Electronic Wind InstrumentAr Diao 【录像回放】 - Greg Gao

5.舞蹈:苏州河上一座桥 【录像回放】- 莉-花园舞蹈团,Serena Luo, Yinan, Xia Wang, 曹菲, Minnie Liu

6.Harmonica Solo Air on the G String 【录像回放】 - Greg Gao

7.藏族舞蹈:放牧青春 【录像回放】-夏玫舞蹈工作室舞蹈队

8.艺术画廊 - 【录像回放】 Scarsdale Youth Art Show

9.舞蹈:绽放-【录像回放】 Scarsdale 翩跹舞苑,Sophie Luo; Rachel Yang; Linda Zhang; Chenyu Li ; Serena Lin; Alina Yang; Michelle Peng; Julie Chen


10.相声:四道名菜 【录像回放】- 赵晨皓,赵晨宇

11.旗袍舞:花样年华 【录像回放】-大纽约华夏中文学校体育舞队,周青,李长秀,何文,王新彦,苏红,黄茵。指导老师-苏红

12.舞蹈:十步一箭 【录像回放】- Serena Lin. Choreographer: Xiaoxiao Wang

13.舞蹈: 梨花颂 【录像回放】- The Evergreen Club

14.独唱:生僻字 【录像回放】– Chenyu Li

15.舞蹈:下山 【录像回放】- 孙凌云,杨波,韩璐璐,雷天明,张东莉,施维,黎飒,魏萍

16.独唱:大鱼 【录像回放】– Sarah zhang

17.Zumba Shivers 【录像回放】-大纽约华夏中文学校Zumba队,周青,李长秀,肖雁,马红云,Stacy Yan,罗敏,王媛,吴旭红,崔海妮,邬红玉,苏红。指导老师-苏红

18.儿童武术【录像回放】- Mia Wilson

19.Zumba:无价之姐【录像回放】 -大纽约华夏中文学校Zumba队,周青,李长秀,肖雁,马红云,Stacy Yan,罗敏,王媛,吴旭红,崔海妮,邬红玉,苏红。指导老师-苏红

20.华夏队列舞团二十年【录像回放】- HXNYC Line Dance Team,制作: Yuan Xiaojun, Yin Xiaoshen

21.作品欣赏 【录像回放】书法-李锐奇;绘画-陳慶娜;摄影-英华.Eric; 朗诵- James Wilson

鸣谢 【录像回放】- 海投全球简介


2021 WACA Outstanding Student Leadership and Community Service Award

1st place: Vincent Li; 2nd place: Fiona Chen; 2nd place: Emma Zhu (tie)

In the face of Covid-19, Young WACA is seeking to bring hope and empathize with the struggles of the elderly. We are collecting cards for a card drive that will be mailed to the residents of Goodwin House. Anyone can submit a card, or simply write a kind message. Please click here to submit a card or write a kind message.

绘出精彩,点亮世界 -斯镇第五期学生画展在图书馆拉开序幕


To review previous show, click HERE

WACA 2021 Chinese New Year Celebration Show Review 威郡2021"牛气冲天"新春联欢会回顾

Scarsdale Youth Art Show 2021 Winter Exhibit Review | 新春学生画展回顾

Congratulations to all young artists for their outstanding artworks and creativity!


5000 USD donation for personal protective equipment to organizations in urgent needs

As COVID-19 affects our community, there is a substantial increase in demand for the personal protective equipment (PPE). In addition to the volunteer works in the past few months, the Westchester Association of Chinese Americans (WACA) also contributed $5,000 to purchase 7,000 masks , and donated these masks to 9 organizations that are in urgent needs. red more

All events

Student Awards

WACA recognizes outstanding student leadership and community service annually.

Winners of 2021

  • 1st place: Vincent Li;

  • 2nd place: Fiona Chen;

  • 2nd place: Emma Zhu (tie)

Culture Programs

WACA promotes cultural diversity and creativity during Chinese New Year celebration and other events

Global Outreach

WACA youth group connects with the world.


Friends of WACA

  • OCA NY Chapter

  • Huaxia New York Central Chinese School 华夏纽约中心学校

  • Huaxia Chinese School Greater New York 大纽约华夏中文学校

  • Northern Westchester Chinese School 北威中文學校

  • Scarsdale Chinese School 华文学校

  • The Chinese School of Southern Westchester 南威中文學校

  • Westchester County Government

  • Westchester County Parks

  • Westchester County Office of Tourism