Plan 2045

Pedestrian & Bicycle Plan

Regional Transportation Plan Snapshot - Pedestrian & Bicycle Plan

The New York Metropolitan Transportation Council (NYMTC) is a regional council of governments that is the metropolitan planning organization for New York City, Long Island and the Lower Hudson Valley. Walking and bicycling are integral parts of life in the NYMTC planning area, as they provide residents with the means for commuting and travel for recreational purposes. As a result, the Pedestrian-Bicycle Element of Plan 2045, NYMTC's Regional Transportation Plan (RTP), recommends a number of projects to improve the mobility and safety of pedestrians and bicyclists in the NYMTC planning area.

The Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan establishes five broad objectives that are influenced by, and compatible with 2045's strategic goals. These five objectives are:

  • Improve pedestrian and bicycle safety;
  • Enhance the pedestrian and bicycle network;
  • Support the creation of sustainable communities;
  • Support economic development;
  • Contribute to the improvement of public health.

The Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan outlines several strategies that support these objectives and further enhance the pedestrian and bicycle transportation system. Additionally, the Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan presents background information such as demographics, travel data, existing facilities and plans for pedestrians and bicyclists in the ten counties of the NYMTC planning area.

In this Regional Transportation Plan Snapshot, you will find a county-by-county analysis* of Plan 2045's Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan:

*Plan 2045 includes programmed projects that are in the Plan’s fiscally-constrained element and aspirational projects, proposals and studies that are in the Plan’s vision element. The vision element of the Plan includes projects that are conceptual, often without a fully defined scope and estimate of cost.

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