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Event Kickoff & Welcome

Hossein Ahmadi, Google

Early Adventures in Streaming SQL Extensions

Tyler Akidau, Snowflake

Open Source SQL - beyond parsers: ZetaSQL and Apache Calcite

Julian Hyde, Google

Mosha Pasumansky, Google

Automating Data Visualization with Program Synthesis

Chenglong Wang, University of Washington

Order and Consistency at Scale

Daniel Chia, Google

Coroutine-oriented Transaction Execution

Tianzheng Wang, SFU

Streams at Snowflake: A Technical Overview

Tyler Jones, Snowflake

- Keynote Speaker -

Data Equity Systems

Bill Howe, University of Washington

Bottomless: A Cloud Native Architecture for Mixed Transactional and Analytic Workloads

Joseph Victor, SingleStore

TASM: A Tile-Based Storage Manager for Video Analytics

Maureen Daum, University of Washington

Query Optimization for Novel Big Data Systems

Remy Wang, University of Washington

DIAMetrics: Benchmarking Query Engines at Scale

Stratis Viglas, Google

Python at Speed and Scale using Cloud Backends

Alekh Jindal, Microsoft

Delta Engine: Building a modern execution engine for Lakehouse

Shant Hovsepian, Databricks