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About Us

Founded in 2023, NUS Product Club was kickstarted by 7 current NUS students to help spread the joy and fun of product management (PM) within our school community. Given the strong PM communities in other local universities, our club aims to be the premier club for students to learn more about PM before embarking on their prospective careers in product. 

Our Mission and Vision


To build a close-knit product community in NUS, regardless of their experience levels and backgrounds, as well as provide avenues and resources in exploring product management (PM)


To be the premier student club that caters to the needs of NUS students when learning more about PM through our curriculum workshops and networking events

Our Advisors

Organisational Structure

Keeping our first Organising Committee strong with over 30 members, NUS Product Club operates with 4 main teams.


Our President and Vice-Presidents lead the club by coordinating with the various teams to fulfill our club’s vision and mission.


Our Curriculum Team brainstorms popular topics on product management before designing materials for educating our students.


Our Operations Team ensure smooth admin processes within our club, including venue bookings and managing funds.


Our Partnerships Team promotes our club's brand awareness and form long-term partnerships with other key stakeholders.


Our Publicity Team works together with other teams to build our club's brand through various design and outreach materials.


Not only do we have our very own flagship programme - PM1101E: Exposure to Product Management, to impart knowledge about product management to members, we also have fireside chats, technical workshops and more!

Hear from Our Team!

"Through this experience, I hope to help spread the word about product management within the NUS community, while picking up key skills required to venture into this field as well! On behalf of our team, we hope that this would inspire other students to maybe explore and pursue this as a career in the future." 

Harry Chang

Co-Founder & President (AY23/24)

Data Science & Analytics '24

“We have some incredibly passionate and experienced members on our team and I can't wait to see what we can accomplish together. If you're looking to build a product community with like-minded people, this is the place to be."

Kayleigh Low

Co-Founder & Vice-President (AY23/24)

Business Administration '26

"I've always wanted to build a community in NUS where we can all learn from each other. Seeing that there was definitely a strong interest for PM in NUS but a lack of a PM student club unlike our counterparts in SMU, a part of me really wanted to start something similar in NUS! Then I met Kayleigh, one of our club's founders and from then on, we are slowly building up NUS Product Club from scratch!" 

Darice Wong

Co-Founder & Head of Operations (AY23/24)

Economics '23

“I believe it is important to build a community space for aspiring PMs when they are still in school. The community can help to provide snippets of a normal PM's day-to-day life and necessary skills required to be a capable PM in the future. I hope my juniors are able to make an informed choice of their career paths and decide if PM is something that they wish to pursue in the future by joining NUS Product Club!" 

Joanna Wang

Co-Founder & Head of Curriculum (AY23/24)

Business Administration '23

"After immersing in the entrepreneurial culture at NUS, I realised that a large sense of my fulfilment comes from the design of intuitive user experience. Being able to interact with users and hear their stories of using the features that I work on was really rewarding! And so that began my interest in Product Management. Moving forward, I want to share these experiences with a like-minded community, exactly like NUS Product Club!"

Sean Teo

Co-Founder & Co-Head of Partnerships (AY23/24 Sem 1)

Business Analytics '25

“My biggest takeaway would be the new skills that I’ve learnt from my other Publicity Team members who are really skilled in what they do and always willing to share their knowledge! I am excited to learn more from everyone as we continue to work together for the rest of the academic year!"

Nurul Izzati

Publicity Executive (AY23/24)

Data Science & Analytics '25

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