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A new line of scrubs has been added to the collection by many nursing and medical scrubs companies - men's scrubs. Medical personnel from all over the world have asked for nursing scrub manufacturers to make men feel better at work.

Men Request More Fashionable Medical Scrubs and Nursing Scrubs

Many small businesses have started making their own scrubs because they understand the needs of medical uniform retailers. A small Austin company, which is based in Texas, Fashionable Scrubs decided to make a slimming, flared scrub bottom similar to the 7 for All Mankind low-rise jeans.

The scrubs company placed two pockets in the back, as women rarely wear jeans that have only one pocket. This created a slimmer look than other scrubs. They also added a ribbon to tie the waist, instead of the traditional elastic waistband. The nursing scrub top was designed in a simple way. A tapered shirt for women always looks more flattering than a boxy one. With only one pocket on the upper left-hand corner of the flattering scrub top, they launched their first line medical scrubs, now called Original scrubs. Ceil blue was the first color to be released. Soon, navy, black and grey were added. Men realized that medical fashion was neglecting them after they saw scrub companies adding new colors nearly every quarter.

It took nearly a year for the design process of the special men's medical scrubs to be completed. The men's scrubs bottoms have a lower rise and are made from the same soft, wrinkle resistant fabric as the women's nursing scrubs. The scrub pants will be a hit with everyone. The tapered top and stitching may not be for men. Therefore, the pocket on the left-hand side is without stitching. The scrub top is also not tapered. These scrubs, even without stitching are still much more fashionable than other hospital scrubs.

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How to Choose Stylish Scrubs

These jackets can have long sleeves, stockinette cuffs, and no lapels. The elastic waist of scrub pants can be either a drawstring or elastic so that they can be easily slipped on and off in seconds. These pants are ideal for everyday casual wear and emergency rooms. Many times, uniform scrubs are given to medical staff and hospital patients. These scrubs may have the embroidered name and address of the medical facility to ensure they are always on the premises. These scrubs are usually surgical scrubs that are sterilized for medical purposes. Similar scrubs can be found in every part of the city, from dental offices to veterinarian offices to local shops.

How do you find the right size scrubs? To find the correct size scrubs, you can either consult a catalog or an online resource. There are many sizes for hospital personnel, so there are tall sizes, petite sizes, and plus sizes. To determine the right size scrubs, measure your chest, waist, and hips at their widest. To determine which size scrubs would best fit you, compare the measurements of your clothes to the scrubs sizing chart. To determine the right length of scrub pants for petite or tall people, measure your legs from the knee to the ankle.

What style scrubs are available? There are many options for scrubs from top brands like Cherokee, Katherine Heigl and Landau. College scrubs are a great way to show off your college. Sport scrubs will let everyone know who your favorite team is. NASCAR scrubs showcase the racer within you. You can find scrubs in a variety of colors, from pink to yellow to blue. Scrub tops in fashionable print have square necks with cinched waists. You can find holiday embellishments and cartoon characters in patterned scrubs. There are many scrub designs to choose from, including whimsical and stylish.

Medical Scrub Uniforms - Why Are They So Comfortable

The fabric used to make medical scrubs could be one reason why they are so popular with comfort seekers. There are many fabrics that can be used to make medical scrubs, including poplin, cotton and polyester. The majority of medical scrubs are made from a mixture of different fabrics. The scrub will feel softer and more comfortable if it contains more cotton. However, scrubs were not created for comfort, but for functionality. Scrubs were designed to minimize contamination and maintain a clean and safe environment. Many scrub sets are made of fabrics that absorb liquids and hide stains. A scrub set's durability may be a plus for leisure wear.

Another reason scrubs are so comfy is the way they are designed. The simplicity of scrub design is what the designers strive for. The scrub uniform was created for comfort. The scrubs are not tight. The tops are loose and can be worn down to a comfortable length. Baggy pants leave room for the hips, thighs and hips. Modern scrubs come in many different styles. Barco Scrubs scrub tops come in a variety of wrap patterns. Wrap tops add some variety to the scrub tunic. Physicians can also purchase scrub drawstring pants with flared legs, such as the Cherokee Workwear Scrubs.

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