A project of SEIU Local 73

Northwestern University Library Workers Union represents over 120 workers  who keep the library running on a daily basis, from staff who work in operations and at service points to librarians who aid faculty and students with their research. The library is deeply important to the university as a center for research and discovery, and we strongly believe in the values the library promotes: equal access to information, intellectual freedom and expression, and the commitment to serve the diversity of the Northwestern community. We see unionization as the best way to reconcile the public values of the library with those dictating its internal operations, which are influenced by the hierarchical and opaque structure of the institution that surrounds it. Our union will allow library staff a voice in the decisions that affect us. We are excited to work with the library and the university to create an inclusive, transparent, and equitable work environment that reflects the values that drew us to library work in the first place.

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