Let Me Introduce Myself:

I'm NullBlox a 3D Voxel Artist for hire who has created well over 3,000 3D Models for the video game called Minecraft. I've been lucky enough have Sphax (creator of cubik studio) ask me to test Cubik Studio (alpha) before its release and manage a Spigot server located here.

I started creating Cubik Studio documentation and tutorials to help others and setup a cubik help /modeling showcase discord server here with a few friends!

I have a passion for creating blocky things and hope that my 3D Models display that to you. If you have any questions go ahead and shoot me a message. Oh and if you would like some freebies go ahead and click the Resource Packs tab or the Music Loops tab for some free models and music for your youtube videos or other projects.


Want to see some of my past works? Then check out my sketchfab by clicking the text. Some are new and some are a year or more old. It's fun to see the progress over the years.

Voxel Models


My main programs are Cubik Studio and PhotoShop for manual editing textures. I really don't use much more than Cubik Studio on its own. It's a pretty powerful tool.

Discord and Help:

Join the Discord server with this link: https://discord.gg/sJknsKT If you're new to Cubik Studio and need help try http://www.nullblox.me it has a few Cubik Studio videos, tutorials, and doc's.