The UK Nuclear Physics Graduate School is a portfolio of seven or eight postgraduate level modules for the purpose of the training and/or education of nuclear-physics PhD students in the UK. The Graduate School is led, operated and delivered by members of the UK nuclear physics community.


One of the recommendations of the report "A review of UK nuclear physics research" (Institute of Physics, 2012, available here: IOP Report) was “...that all of the UK academic nuclear physics groups join to form a UK Centre of Excellence (COE) in nuclear physics....The panel recommends that the initial and formal aspects of PhD education and training are carried out on a UK-wide basis under the auspices of the COE”. The Nuclear Physics Graduate School was put together in response to this recommendation. The Graduate School has been run intermittently since 2013-2014. It is being refreshed and restarted in 2017-2018 with a view to creating a consistent rolling annual programme.


The Graduate School was set up by John F. Smith (UWS) and Jonathan Billowes (Manchester). The web pages have been set up and are overseen by JFS. The recent changes and revitalization of the web pages have been carried out by Alison Bruce (Brighton) and JFS with some input from Sean Freeman (Manchester). The control of the content and details for the modules is with the lecturers.


These web pages have been created in Google Sites and the content is offered by shared folders on Google Drive. The registration pages for the individual modules are hosted in EventBrite. If you have any questions or problems with the content or the web pages, contact JFS.

New modules

We would be happy to add new modules to the portfolio. If you offer a module at your own institution which you think would be of value to the wider community of Nuclear Physics PhD students in the UK, then please let us know. The best way to do this would be to contact Alison Bruce (Brighton) or John Smith (UWS).