Below are some of the features that TauntMe has to offer.

Current Features:

  • Custom Permissions.
  • Custom Sounds for Target.
  • Custom Sounds for Sender.
    • (currently disabled)
  • Custom Messages for Target.
  • Custom Messages for Sender.
  • Configurable Volume Per Sounds.
  • Configurable Pitch Per Sounds.

Developer Notes:

  • This is my first ever resource so consider that before making a complaint.

Planned Features:

These features are part of the final concept that is TauntMe. Im still learning to code. So there will be delays and/or limits to what I can learn to implement to this project, with the time life provides me.

In-Short: Im fairly busy but want to spend some of the free-time I acquire to learning Java and how to code. IE the creation of TauntMe.

  • Advanced Config:
    • allowing for taunt commands and sounds to be added via config and no longer hard coded limits.
  • Taunt Gui:
    • this will require the resource pack to created a custom 3D interface for TauntMe.
  • Power Taunts:
    • Ability to Taunt in a Radius and would effect surrounding players.
  • Cool-downs:
    • Prevention of spamming taunts.
  • Toggle:
    • This will allow the ability to toggle if you want to be taunted or not.
    • This may also need option to bypass a users toggle.
  • DropBox Database:
    • Would eventually be nice to be able to call the sounds from a personal or public DropBox.
    • This would allow for Taunts to be stored outside the pack, thus resulting in a clean install of a servers resource pack with out the bulk of audio files you may use.