Other work

Financial Wellbeing

Using Survey and Banking to Measure Financial Wellbeing

with Carole Comerton-Forde, Edwin Ip, David Ribar, James Ross and Sam Tsiaplias.

Using Survey and Banking Data to Understand Australians’ Financial Wellbeing

with John Haisken-DeNew, David Ribar, and Andrea Nicastro.

Improving the Commonwealth Bank of Australia - Melbourne Institute Observed Financial Wellbeing Scale

with John Haisken-DeNew, David Ribar, Andrea Nicastro and James Ross.

Other Publications & Reports

Introduction, “Policy Forum: Public Investment in Disadvantaged Children” – Australian Economic Review (2017), 50(3): 327–328

with Anna Zhu.

“An Employment Programs Mapping: the current situation in Victoria”

with Barbara Broadway, Reuben Finighan, Guyonne Kalb, Claire Thibout, Jeff Borland, Mark Considine and David Ribar.

Research Grants and Funding

Chief Investigator, “Intergenerational Disadvantage: Causes, Pathways, and Consequences”,

Australian Research Council (2017 – ongoing)

Investigator, “The Commonwealth Bank of Australia/Melbourne Institute Financial Wellbeing Scales”,

Commonwealth Bank of Australia (2017 – ongoing)

Research Fellow, “Centre of Excellence for Children and Families over the Life Course”,

Australian Research Council (2014 - ongoing)

Chief Investigator, The Dynamics and Effects of Parenting Style”,

University of Melbourne Early Career Research Grant (2017 - 2018)

Co-investigator, Gothenburg University Seed Funding Grant (2014)

Lead Investigator, Rotman ICPM Research Grant (2013 - 2014)


Econometrics 1 (2nd year undergraduate), University of Melbourne

Financial economics (3rd year undergraduate), Maastricht University

Teaching Assistant for:

Macroeconomics (Undergraduate), Maastricht University

International economic relations (Undergraduate), Maastricht University

Business and economics (Undergraduate), Maastricht University

Valuation of financial options (Undergraduate), Universidad de Los Andes

Statistics and probability (Undergraduate), Universidad de Los Andes