New Paradigms in Quantum Control Workshop

10 and 11 October 2019

Coogee Bay Hotel and Conference Centre in Sydney, Australia

Hosted by:

· Centre for Quantum Software and Quantum Information (QSI), University of Technology Sydney

· Fundamental Quantum Technologies Laboratory, UNSW Sydney

· Centre for Quantum Dynamics, Griffith University, Brisbane


The New Paradigms in Quantum Control (NPQC) workshop will bring together international and Australian experts in the fields of quantum control theory and experiment to share research and discuss advances in this rapidly moving field.

The workshop will cover a broad range of topics at the cutting edge of quantum control including, optimisation, machine learning, statistical analysis, as well as implementations in platforms ranging from trapped ions to superconducting circuits.


Lorenza Viola (Dartmouth College)

Simon Gustavsson (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Leigh Norris (Dartmouth College)

Greg Quiroz (Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory)

Ken Brown (Duke University)

Kevin Schultz (Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory)

Areeya Chantasri (Griffith University)

Mária Kieferová (University of Technology Sydney)

Nora Tischler (Griffith University)

Christopher Jackson (University of New Mexico)

Riddhi Gupta (University of Sydney)

Kenneth Rudinger (Sandia National Laboratory)

Vincent Mourik (University of New South Wales)

Akram Youssry (University of Technology Sydney)


The workshop will take place at the Coogee Bay Hotel, 10-11 October 2019. Attendance is open to all. A small conference fee is requested. Students without financial support should contact the organisers before registering. Participants are encouraged to submit poster abstracts using the form below.

Attentance at the New Paradigms in Quantum Control Workshop is subject to the acceptance of our Code of Conduct.


  • Multi-University Research Initiate (MURI), Army Research Office (USA)
  • AUSMURI, Department of Industry, Innovation, and Science (Australia)