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With over 80 weddings performed and over 15 years of experience, Robert T. Koehler, a fourth generation Notary Public, is proud to provide wedding services throughout the Tampa Bay area. Considered an expert in notarial law, Robert T. Koehler is the author of various books, articles and other materials on notarial practice.

I'm prepared for anything - from sand, candle and wine ceremonies, to ceremonies incorporating children, to simple civil ceremonies. I will work with you to design a ceremony perfect for your needs. My fees are competitive. The actual ceremony is a flat fee of $30 set by law; however based on the date and location of the ceremony, booking and travel fees may apply. An additional fee is charged for wedding rehearsals.

As an ordained minister, I also provide an online premarital preparation course in multiple counties, which allows you to waive the 3-day waiting period on your Florida marriage license. Visit our Premarital Preparation Course page for more information. 

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