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Norton is one of the best antiviruses. as we all know. Norton has come into the market in 1991. Symantec has launched Norton. in order to protect all the number of devices like Computers, laptops, MAC books, Smartphones, iPhones, Android tablets.

Symantec designed the Norton Antivirus ( because they want people can feel safe. while using their devices from Malware, spyware, viruses, etc.

Norton Antivirus is the trusted security. it has lots of good features. which fights against virus or malware, ransomware, data loss etc.

It is really easy to download and activate Norton antivirus from the official website. which is ( they offer a free trial as well. if you find their features helpful for your devices. then you can upgrade your Norton antivirus into the paid version. where lots of features got enhanced. somehow you can say. you will start getting special treatment with their services. like more and better protection features. because some of the featured are locked in the trial version. but when you choose the premium services. they unlocked all their features.

Make sure you create the account on and always keep your user name and password protected. so, no one can get access without your permission.

You can also choose a family plan for Norton antivirus. if you have more than 1 device or your family also wants to get into it. then go ahead and sign up for the family plan. where you can cover up to 3 to 5 computers or devices from one Norton account.

Using gives you guaranteed protection to your device, data, browser.

most common mistakes. which most users do. they keep 2 or more than 2 antivirus on their devices. which is not going to protect you. it may slow down your machine. 2 or more than 2 antivirus conflict with each other. so, if you are one of them. who thinks that. keeping more security on the computer gives more protection. then don’t do that. it’s is going to harm your device in the long run.

Why choose Norton over other antivirus security?

Well, there is numerous antivirus in the market. but what makes antivirus different. that is existing users' trust. Also this antivirus is not heavy software. also, it is designed with every device's compatibility. It is really easy to activate on the devices and last but not least. it protects your devices.

Norton antivirus is one of the powerful antiviruses. which fights against viruses, malware, infection, worms, etc. download Norton antivirus now on the official website and Activate it for your computer or other devices security. it gives you complete protection. while using the internet or accessing any confidential details. it has various features. when it comes to the security of users. when it comes to pricing. it is very affordable. Also some free options available. which can be used for a while. but we highly recommend using the premium services to enjoy all features.

For any kind of help and support of activation regarding or any other related query visit. (

Norton is absolutely unique. when it comes to their features. Also it very easy to use for any person. they have their own firewall, they have spam email filtering, and protect devices from phishing things.

In order to install and Activate with product key

  • 1st open the official website of Norton(

  • 2nd step Find 25 Digit Alphanumeric product key..

  • 3rd step Enter 25 Digit Alphanumeric product key and validate your that.

  • 4th step once Your product key got validate. download. then download exe file on the computer.

  • 5th step once your Setup exe file got download then install on your computer or laptop.

6th: Once Your Antivirus software properly installs on the computer or laptop. you can scan your computer.

These are the few steps to Activate on your computer.

In order to find your product key:-

  • First, you need to go to the official website activate

  • In the second step, you need to go to my subscription page and go down and under norton premium utilities. you can see 25 digit alphanumeric product key

You can jot down the product key on the piece of paper.

If you want to get the Antivirus installation error 80047ec6 fix. then you are in right place. we are going to discuss why such errors

occur while installing security. As we all know Norton security is one of the best security for the Operating system like Windows

and Mac both. but due to a lack of information. People Ignore some points while installing the Security Software on their computer

or Laptop.

first:- the most important information is that. Do not keep more than one Security on your computer.

it may bring the Norton Installation Error 80047ec6 or Similar errors. the reason behind the problem. because if you are installing

security software. when you already have the other security software. it will conflict with other security software and it will not let

you install the Norton or any new security to your Computer or Laptop. So, Make sure you don't make Such a Mistake. when you

will install your Norton Security to your computer.

Second:- You May have some corrupted files on your Computer. which is not letting you install Norton Security and Giving you

the Norton Installation Error.

Third: Go To all your Temporary files and Wipe them out from your computer and try to install them again.

Forth: check your fast start-up option and keep it disabled. then restart the computer and try it again.

Contact Support for More


if you have a problem while installing and uninstalling your Norton antivirus. then follow the given instruction below:-

  • First, of fall you need to make sure that your Operating system meets the compatibility Requirement. So, you won't have a Compatibility error with your Norton Antivirus.

  • Windows 10 Is Compatible with the latest Norton Product. So, Make sure you have a windows 10. if you are installing on your Windows 10 computer.

  • Make sure if you are having a problem while removing the Norton product from your computer. download the Norton removal tool and install it on your computer. it will help you to remove Norton antivirus from your computer.

  • In order to install Norton antivirus. you need to go to the official website of Norton is then go and Enter 25 digit product key from your Retail card. once it validates your product key. you can download your product and install it on your computer. if you are getting any error then check that you do not have any other antivirus on the computer. if you have remove it from your computer completely then restart your computer and try to install it again. it will help you remove the error from your computer and you will be able to install successfully on your computer. if you still have the problem then call support to get the solution to your problem.

Click here: nortoninstallingerror80047ec6

if you face any kind of problem while downloading and activating then simply go to the official support page of Norton. try to write them your problem. if you don't get any reply. also, you can find their official page on social sites and write down your problem, which is facing while activating Norton. this will help you to resolve your problem.

  1. The reason why Norton sometimes taking too long to activate. it is because of device performance or the internet you are using it is working slow. that's how your Antivirus is taking too long to Activate on your device. so, in order to fix it. you change your internet or you can clean up your computer before Activating the Norton. so, it can speed up the process of Norton installation.

how to install

Can I delete Norton Setup Activation files?

if you do not want to use Norton antivirus anymore. you can remove the Norton antivirus software or remove all the files from the computer. it is not going to affect anything.

can I delete norton files fix

In order to resolve Norton installation and Activation error 80047ec6, 80072f8f. you have to follow this instruction:-

  • you need to first go ahead and check the other antivirus software on the computer including windows defender.

  • after that, you need to restart the computer or laptop.

after restarting the computer or laptop. try to install and activating software again. so, it may resolve the installation error 80047ec6, 80072f8f

Norton product key activation

Why My Security is not opening?

Norton security is not opening because the Norton has not properly activated on the computer. so, go ahead and remove all the files and restart the computer and then try to install your software once again. so, it can resolve the issue. download and install product key install

The reason behind the Norton product key can be incorrect because of the 25 digit alphanumeric norton product key or you have a norton product key of different versions of the product key. so, make sure your norton product key is correct. also, it has the same version you are trying to install. Activate

Norton 360 Deluxe(

Activate Norton 360 Deluxe in 2021 Antivirus is a version of Norton Antivirus. In Norton 360 you will get a family plan. where you will get some extra benefits:

  • Family Plan

You can download for Norton 360. where you and your family can have that in their smartphones, window, MAC Computer, IOS.

  • Parental Control

Norton 360 has a feature of parental control. where parents can control and help their kids to learn new things internet safely.

  • Protect User Name and Passwords

Norton 360 Protects your user name and passwords. it alerts you if you try to go on a suspicious website.

  • Secure VPN

Norton 360 has its (VPN)Virtual Private Network. you do not have to install any other software for the VPN. Norton 360 Gives you all the features and you can access them easily. which is not even going to affect your ID and Passwords

  • Protects Financial Data

If you use your banking then download Norton 360 on your device is a good choice. Norton 360 keeps your browser safe and secure. so, it keeps your data stuff secure

  • Store your data and keep it secure from the damages

If you do not want to lose your database. then this feature is definitely going to help. Norton 360 keeps your data stores. if you activate this feature on your devices. after activating this feature. No Matter your computer gets died, your hard disk gets crashed or you get ransomware. But Norton 360 will recover your database

(Note: To download and Activate Norton 360 deluxe. Visit:

How to get the Support?

in order to get help and support for Your Products, you can visit official support website page: 2021

System Configuration to Activate

In Windows You can Activate Norton in Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7(Minimum requirement 3 GB 32 bit). we recommend you to use at least this configuration. to avoid any further problems.

In Mac, You can use the latest operating system to enjoy the best experience.

In Smartphones.

You can download and activate Norton Antivirus on any android phone

Norton activation configuration

More about Antivirus

Norton Antivirus is a tremendous antivirus for devices like computers, laptops, smartphones. go to the official website to purchase and activate this antivirus( the premium services of Norton security gives the best features like- family protection, parental control, secure VPN(Virtual private network), data storage, password manager and firewall protection. you can purchase Norton from the official website, Amazon from where you will receive your 25 digits alphanumeric product key in just a few hours. you can also go to the near store from where you can buy the Norton Antivirus.

You can find all the details at the back of the Norton product. if you find any kind of trouble during download or activating Norton antivirus then go to the official support page of Norton ( you can find the solution to resolve your issue.

Make sure you have compatible devices with your antivirus. during activating your Norton Security.

How to Activate and renew the subscription?

We recommend renewing the Norton antivirus subscription before ending the trial or expiring the active subscription. if you renew your Antivirus before ending the subscription. then remaining days will get added to the subscription.

Follow these steps to Activate and Renew Norton Antivirus:-

You need to sign in on the official website (

Find My Norton windows, after the device security

In the Norton, Bar click on renew or Activate.

If there is a subscription bar, you have to hit the buy Subscription

To the Norton product or renewal page, verify your purchase and hit on Subscribe Now. Activate and Renew subscription activate subscription 2021

Well if you have not started using Norton Antivirus in 2021. then you should immediately start using it. This Antivirus is one of the powerful security software for online security. you can avoid phishing websites or software with the help of Norton Security. There are some enhanced features. which are very likable and user-friendly. if you are a new user. you can activate the trial version for a while. in the trial, they have very limited options. but you can try. Complete Download and installation Guide In Details.

  • Turn On Your Laptop or Computer(WINDOWS OR MAC)

  • Open Your Browser like Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Safari(for MAC User)

  • Open the Official Website of Norton Antivirus. which is

  • Once You are On the Website.

  • Click On Enter Product key.

  • Once You Clicked On it. You will have to Enter your Sign-in Details.

  • If In Case you never signed up to the Norton Account. Then Register your details.

  • After Sign-up. Sign in to your Account

  • Type Your Name, Product key, and other details.

  • Follow the On-Screen Steps.

  • Click on Download Norton Setup File.

  • Once You download the setup file.

  • Install your Antivirus On your Computer and Activated it.

If you find Any problem or get any error while installing Norton Go to the Official Support Page of

Benefits of| Activate

Norton Antivirus is very helpful to prevent viruses, malware, or any kind of problem. This antivirus is dealing in Android, Windows, Mac, Ios. We are going to tell you the benefits of this Antivirus

Everyone knows that each year users of the Internet are keeping increasing. so, in short, the risk of virus, malware, or any kind of worms are also high. there are various antiviruses in the market. But Norton antivirus provides a high level of security. they have a two-way firewall. which gives extra protection to the website. in that case, if you any internal problem or external problems. you can save up yourself. if you use this antivirus. so if you Activate this antivirus. you can use your device hassle-free. without any risk. To download this antivirus. you can visit

This Antivirus protects your database from viruses, malware.

Norton Gives SONAR Protection(Symantec Online Network for advanced response). this feature keeps the eye on all the

running programs of your computer. if the antivirus found anything malacious. then they give you the warning. so, you can save yourself from any unnecessarily attacks

What is Norton com setup?

Norton is an antivirus. which keeps away the virus or any online threats from your devices. no matter what device you have. in order to acquire or activate the Norton. you can visit a official website. also, you can try their free trial. To enjoy some of their features. The company gives a money-back guarantee. if you don't find it worth it. this is the best part.

How to download Free

You can open any of your browsers on your Windows 10 computer

Go to google

Type download free Norton Antivirus setup.

Open the official website.

Download the free version. where you get 14 days free trial Review

Overall Norton antivirus is amazing security software for devices. it gives total protection against viruses, spyware, anti-phishing websites, malware, etc. Norton takes care of devices completely and the user of windows, IOS, or android can use their devices hassle-free. it alerts the user. if they mistakenly try to download any suspicious software. so, is the best security, and if you are planning to use premium security. then you should try this phenomenal antivirus on your computer. Activate today and enjoy their amazing features in 2021. Activation Complete guide.

1-To install the Norton Antivirus. the first user needs to buy a 25 Digit Alphanumeric product key from the store or directly from the official website:

2-To Activate the 25 Digit alphanumeric product key to your Norton product. you have to open any of your desirable browsers on your computer.

3- Go to this official website

4- Click on Enter 25 Digit Product key

5- Sign in to your account. if you are an existing user. otherwise sign up and then sign-in on the website

6- Fill out all the details along with your 25 digit product key.

7- Download the Setup file of Norton.

8-Install that setup file on the computer by following on-screen steps.

(Note: if you find any trouble while Activating your product. visit: support.

How secure to use

When it comes to security. then Norton antivirus is the most reliable, secure, and trusted security for all types of devices. without any doubt, Norton com setup helps to prevent. all types of infected stuff from your devices. while using this security. you can use the internet hassle-free. if you mistakenly try to open any suspicious sites. then you will be notified by a quick alert message. Norton has really cool features. which always keep viruses, worms away from your computer. Norton is the most selling antivirus in the world. which is easy to download from the official website of Also Easy to get support from the official support page (Support.

Easy to use for any ordinary person.

No Matter what device you use. Norton is available for all devices like- MAC, Windows, Android, IOS.