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It has got a very powerful and effective scanner as well. The Norton setup install is the option which comes after downloading the antivirus in the personal computer. The initial overview of the screen displays the security status of the system, as well as it accesses to the main features of the program. Scan, Advanced Settings, and Live Update are the features. In the same time there in the bottom of the screen, users can easily get direct links to the Norton products. The interface of the product is very responsive and is very efficient.

Norton Setup with product key Power Eraser is also one of the most important features. This is an advanced tool to use when the engine, with its classic scan, fails to delete malware that has allegedly attacked the system. The SONAR technology has the proactive defense module that can easily identify the unknown threats with the greater accuracy. This antivirus can always provide a service of blocking websites and easily block malicious downloads, as well as a ‘Silent Mode’ configuration option.

This antivirus has been serving over ten years and is a great threat against all the worms, Trojans, spyware and rootkits, while it also acts as a filter to the emails, instant messaging programs, and internet browsing. With the insight of Norton.com/setup one can enjoy innovative and intelligence-driven technology for shorter and faster scans. Rapid pulse updates every five to fifteen minutes has always provided the users with up to the minute protection.

Norton helps to serve the internet without any worries or any tensions and it uses key technologies as follows:

· Antivirus Software

· Bot Protection

· Spyware Remover

· Internet Worm Protection

· Browser Protection

· Rapid Pulse Updates

· OS and Application Protection

· Intrusion Prevention

· Rootkit Detection

· SONAR Behavioral Protection

· Recovery Tool

· Norton Insight.

This is a very effective and efficient system of protecting a personal computer from all sort of harmful programs for the computer. The internet can also be surfed without worries.CALL FOR ANTIVIRUS NORTON SET UP (1-888-504-2905)