MISSION: Working in partnership with community stakeholders and underrepresented groups, PACE Planning will produce an active transportation plan that improves safety and mobility for people walking, biking, and rolling along N Willamette Blvd, while prioritizing the equitable distribution of benefits and mitigating potential negative impacts caused by investment.

What problems are we trying to address with this plan?

MOBILITY: N Willamette Blvd is the only multimodal corridor that connects between and through North Portland neighborhoods. Most segments of the corridor support travel by foot, automobile, bus, and bicycle, but existing conditions pose challenges to those who do not or cannot rely on private vehicles.

SAFETY: People walking and biking along N Willamette Blvd face real and perceived safety concerns due to substandard bicycle lanes, inadequate or non-existent pedestrian crossings, and gaps in infrastructure along the route. High tra c volumes and automobile speeds along much of the corridor pose further safety and comfort concerns.

COMMUNITY: Development and rapid population change have transformed the demographic landscape of North Portland in recent years. These changes have placed unique and disproportionate burdens on the area’s most vulnerable groups. While public investment in active transportation carries many benefits, there are also potential negative impacts on vulnerable groups that must be understood and considered.


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