North Queen Anne Book Club

Club rules

The club is open to anyone, but in particular to anyone living in North Queen Anne in Seattle as that's where we meet.

We recommend you read the book picked for a given meeting to be able to participate in the discussion. This is not, however, a hard and fast rule and in particular we don't have any rules requiring anyone to finish the book.

Club format

We meet about every six weeks, depending on how the calendar looks and how long the book is, typically on Mondays. We rotate among the membership for hosting of the meeting. Two meetings in advance, the host will bring three book nominations and we'll discuss them and choose what to read. Ideally we can build consensus through discussion but if it comes down to it we'll just vote.

All books should be available on audible, as one member has eye difficulties and reads audiobooks exclusively. Ideally, books should also be readily available from Amazon, QABC, and Seattle Public Libraries.

Club books

Please see the Books section for the upcoming and past books.

How to join

We're open to new members. You can apply to join by visiting our mailing list at!forum/north-queen-anne-book-club.

Please include:

    • a couple words about yourself
    • which area you live in
    • whether it's possible for you to host a Club meeting somewhere in North Queen Anne.