1. Disrespect is forbidden
    1. Do not argue with other players
    2. Do not start drama
    3. Do not harass other players
    4. Do not use offensive language at other players
  2. Be appropriate
    1. Do not bypass blocked words
    2. Do not spam or spam characters
    3. Do not post inappropriate links
    4. Do not have an inappropriate skin
    5. Do not have an offensive or inappropriate username
  3. Conversations or references about politics, racism, religion, or sexual references are not allowed
  4. No advertising servers in any form. This includes messaging in PM
    1. Talking about other servers is allowed in PM
    2. Trying to get other players to join a server via IP is not allowed
    3. Do not advertise our server to other servers
  5. Hacked clients or exploiting bugs/glitches is not allowed
    1. Do not use a hacked or banned client
    2. Do not duplicate items
  6. Do not share someone’s personal info with others
    • This includes phone number, real name, pictures, address and more
  7. Listen to staff and answer them when they are talking to you
  8. Punishment evading is not allowed
  9. Do not use (Distributed) Denial-of-service attacks on players or the server
  10. Do not trade in-real-life items or donor ranks for in-game items
  11. Please do not charge back donator ranks. If you are having trouble with yours, contact a manager
  12. Do not ask to be staff, builder or a donator rank. You can..
    • Apply for staff here
    • Apply for builder here
    • Donate here