Field equipment

CCGS Hudson

The main vesssel used for fieldwork is the CCGS Hudson, which is equipped with:

  • 3.5 kHz Knudsen sub-bottom profiler
  • Huntec Deep Tow System
  • Piston coring
  • Box coring
  • IKU grab
  • Video/cameras
  • Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV)
  • Pole-mounted multibeam echosounder

Other field equipment

Unmanned Aerial Vechicles (UAV)

Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCPs)


Marine core processing

X-Ray computed tomography

    • 2D X-rays
    • 3D reconstructions
    • Laminography

Multi-sensor core logger (whole and split cores)

    • Photography
    • Bulk density
    • Magnetic susceptibility
    • P-wave velocity
    • Spectrophotometry
    • pXRF

Vane shear



    • Laser diffraction (Beckman Coulter)
    • Digital Image Processing Particle Size and Shape Analysis System (Camsizer)

Epoxy impregnation of unconsolidated sediments for thin sections


Geographic Information Systems and Softwares

Caris Hips and Sips (Multibeam echosounder and Lidar processing)

QPS QINSy and Qimera (Multibeam echosounder acquisition and processing)

Kingdom Suites (Seismic processing and analysis)

ArcGIS (Spatial analysis and mapping)

Fledermaus (3D visualisation)

PIX4D (Structure-for-Motion)

R (Statistical analyses)