Meet The Team

Zac West


Zac has been in the pool construction industry for over 20 years. He has built over 100 residential pools and has worked on many commercial projects including the renovation of the adults only pool at La Paloma. 

Zac's passion for details show in his articulate work. He will be there through the pool design, build and finishing process. 

John Fish


John Fish first came to Tucson from Texas at 10 years old. After studying Architecture & Engineering, he crossed over into Landscape Design and found his calling. While working as a Landscape Designer, the request for swimming pools became a top desire on homeowners’ wish lists and he decided to move into the field of swimming pool design and construction. With over 30 years of experience, he shares common goals of listening to the client, learning how to meet their needs and brings the best ideas and practices possible to his projects

Djemai Blot


Djemai is a French citizen with over 30 years of masonry experience is Arizona. His love for building and design started in France where he obtained his degree in masonry and general construction. Since 2000, he has worked specifically in the luxury custom pool design industry.

 Although his resume is impressive, he is passionate about learning new techniques to perfect his craft.