Evolution in Star Trek: Why are there so many humanoid species? 

This talk discusses the evidence for evolution and the common ancestry of all life on Earth, teaches several basic evolutionary concepts, and uses these concepts to assess 3 explanations from the various series for why there are so many humanoids in Star Trek. This talk was delivered at the Raleigh Supercon in 2018.

Science in Star Trek: Discovery

Learn the biology and physics principles underlying depictions in this Trek series, and hear answer to some questions about science submitted in advance. Talk delivered jointly with Dr. Erin Macdonald at virtual DragonCon in 2020.

Star Trek Science Q&A

Fun online Q&A panel on science as depicted across the various Star Trek series with Drs. Erin Macdonald and Michael Wong at Virtual Trek Con 2020.

Star Wars vs. Star Trek on Biology.

A fun "debate"-style presentation with advocates for both series talking about good (and bad) biology examples depicted. Talk delivered jointly with Dr. Eric Spana at DragonCon in 2017.

Depictions of genetics in Star Trek: Inheritance, mutations, and genetic engineering.

Learn some basic genetics concepts using examples from Trek! This was a talk delivered at Starbase Indy in 2017.

 For more video content, be sure to check out Prof. Noor’s
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