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The Children's Radiothon will be on September 16th and 17th, but Noel's Angel Walk will remain a summer event. We will be in person! Our in-person date will be June 10, 2021. We hope we can see you there.

Virtual Walk.pdf

If you can't make the walk in person you can still walk with us virtually! Watch the slideshow to learn how.

Noel's Story.pdf

Read about Noel's story.

Click on the Radiothon icon to learn about the Children's Radiothon. Since 2009, Noel's Angel Walk has been an event helping the Children's Radiothon.


Noel's Angel Walk

Noel's Family


Thank You Sponsors.pdf

Thank you sponsors!

Print off the pledge sheet here to log your donations. Please send this and donations to either 100 Bill McCollum Way Beaver Dam, WI 53916 or 1225 W. Circle Dr. Beaver Dam, WI 53916 attention Noel's Angel Walk. All donations are due by Thursday, June 17th. We thank you in advance for your donation.

Pledge Sheet Noel's Walk 2021.pdf
Brochure 2021.pdf

Noel's Angel Walk registration form:

  • Print this form

  • Fill out the form

  • Bring the completed form along with your $15 registration fee to the Walk. (On June 10th)

  • All in person registration will be done from 6:30 AM-7:20 AM at Waterworks Park

  • Coffee and individually wrapped snacks will be provided

  • If you are virtually walking with us see the virtual walk PDF

  • All registered walkers will receive a Noel's Angel Walk tote bag

Join us on our Facebook page, Noel's Angel Walk. On Noel's Angel Walk Facebook page we will be updating all news and sharing pictures of the walk this year. Information can also be found on www.dailydodge.com under the Children's Radiothon.

To us contact e-mail noelsangelwalkbd@gmail.com or noelsangelwalk@yahoo.com

Noel's Angel Walk