Facilities Project Information

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Working together to plan for the future

In 2020, the Nodaway Valley Community School District hired a team of architects, engineers, and construction managers to provide a clear understanding of the condition of our facilities. Now, the school board needs the people of our district to participate in the process. Open dialog between the district and the communities we represent will be critical in deciding where we will go as a unified district. We encourage your attendance and participation at community meetings where we will share information and work together to decide on next steps.

Please share and check this site for official information from past and upcoming meetings, answers to frequently asked questions, and a calendar of upcoming community events.

Your Nodaway Valley Facilities Committee members are:

  • Michelle Carns

  • David Davis

  • Heather Hogan

  • Doug Holliday

  • Kristen Jensen

  • Roger Jensen

  • Denise Kuhns

  • Melissa Larson

  • Pam Long

  • Paul Nelson

  • Susie Olesen

  • Renee Schwartz