Nobel Conference2018

Living Soil: A Universe Underfoot

Resources for learning

This page brings together resources to support classroom and other learning activities related to the Gustavus Adolphus 2018 Nobel Conference, Living Soil: A Universe Underfoot. In addition to speaker biographies and short summaries of the the topic on the conference website, the following resources have been prepared by the conference organizing committee. This is a "quick and dirty" (oh, the puns!) resource to support teacher and students--feel free to suggest additions (or add them to the data base via the resource collection tool.

  • Resource guides to readings or other resources highlighting different facets of the conference topic. An overview of the conference and speakers is also available and a link to that reference is in each guide.
  • Resource collection tool--with this page can add a reading or other resource to our Nobel 2018 data base using a google form. Your submission, as well as others, appear in a viewable list sorted by speaker and topic.
  • Reading groups are being formed on the Gustavus campus and campus community members are welcome to join. Not on campus? Maybe you want to start your own reading group. Work by Nobel 2018 speaker David Montgomery might be a good place to start; or if you want to be amazed how plants and fungi "communicate" through the soil, consider What Plants Know: A Field Guide to the Senses by Daniel Chamovitz for a discussion of scientific issues related the work of Nobel 2018 Nobel speaker Suzanne Simard and others. The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben discusses the Simard's work more directly while taking a less scientific tack. Another direction is suggested by the Gustavus Book in Common for next year, The Good Food Revolution. It focuses on Will Allen's urban agriculture work that, as Will Allen' describes it, is based on on growing food by growing soil.
  • The official Nobel Facebook page