4th meeting of the Nordic Network in Metaphysic

The meeting is generously financed by Erik & Gurli Hultengrens fond för filosofi.

Nov 27-28, Gothenburg

November 27-28, the Nordic Network in Metaphysics organizes its 4th meeting, this time at the department of philosophy, linguistics, and theory of science, University of Gothenburg. The meeting features talks by junior researchers and comments by more senior ones.

Speakers & Commentators:

Ragnhild Iveranna Hogstad Jordahl (PhD candidate, University of Bergen): Can Dispositional Theories Allow Possibilities Going Beyond the Nomic?

Comment by Johanna Seibt.

Rasmus Jaksland (PhD candidate, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology): Disagreement in Metaphysical Dispute

Comment by Matti Eklund.

Eve Kitsik (junior research fellow, University of Tartu): Feminist and Mainstream Metaphysics as Two Projects of Conceptual Engineering

Comment by Jonathan Shaheen.

Sanna Mattila (PhD candidate, University of Helsinki): Origin, Matter, Kind - A Kripkean Epistemology of Necessity

Comment by Tobias Hansson Wahlberg

Niall Paterson (postdoctoral researcher, University of Helsinki): Dispositions & Token Identity

Comment by Markku Keinänen

Henrik Rydéhn (PhD candidate, Uppsala University): Defending Metaphysically Opaque Grounding

Comment by Tuomas Tahko

Pierre Saint Germier (postdoctoral researcher, Aarhus University): Hyperintensionality, Opacity and Counterpossibles

Comment by Einar Duenger Bohn

Ylwa Sjölin Wirling (PhD candidate, University of Gothenburg): What is a Reliability Explanation?

Comment by Jani Hakkarainen

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