New Mexico Local News Fellowships and Internships

Building careers, expanding newsrooms, strengthening democracy.


“This fellowship is the perfect opportunity for freshly graduated journalism majors to get real world experience. These past eight months have been the most memorable in my career so far. I covered protests, the pandemic and everything in between. I was able to sharpen my writing, data, photo and investigative reporting skills thanks to this opportunity and the wonderful people at the Albuquerque Journal. If you're considering a career in journalism, I highly recommend this fellowship.” Fellow Anthony Jackson, Albuquerque Journal

“For a small newspaper like The Independent, having a Local News Fellow in 2020 has meant the difference between scrambling to halfway cover everything in 4,000 square miles and being able to do a solid and consistent job covering that area. Our fellow has been on the front page nearly every week as an integral and very important part of the team.” —Newsroom host Leota Harriman

“Our fellow has been a godsend as we cover the biggest health and economic crisis of our careers along with the various protests following the death of George Floyd. We have been fortunate to have him in our newsroom. Your fellowship program has been amazing.” — Newsroom Host Martin Salazar, Albuquerque Journal

“Six months ago, I had a journalism degree and no clue how or if I wanted to use it. Now I have a contract and a full-time job that I love. I'm also finally putting my degree to some good use, and starting an actual career in journalism!” Fellow Brianna Wilson, KOB-TV

“KOB was honored to help kick off this unique and exciting program. It helps New Mexico media outlets to find and develop new talent, and it helps new talent find the opportunity to grow and learn in a hands-on way that no internship can match. We were so happy with our fellow that we ended up hiring her full-time when the fellowship ended.” — Newsroom Host Tim Maestas, KOB-TV