State Project

Where’s Theunis, Theunis Dey, has anyone seen him!? Theunis and Hester Dey’s home (Bloomsbury) served as General George Washington’s headquarters during July, October and November 1780. The Dey Mansion, built circa 1770 is in Passaic County- my home county - here in New Jersey is one of General Washington’s military field headquarters still standing. Theunis Dey was not only a patriot, he was also a prominent figure in public life in the State Council and a charter trustee of the Queen’s College, also known as Rutgers.

That’s the past, now to the present and the future. The Passaic County Historical Society, the caretakers of the Dey Mansion are looking for Theunis and his family. Somewhere on the property there was a family cemetery and they are looking for it! With the help of modern sonar technology, it is the hope of that the remains of Dey family can be found and properly marked in order for future generations to pay proper respect to true colonial patriots!

In keeping with the trend many of us have done…by taking one of those DNA test to search for our past…the NJCAR will “Search for the past – In Today’s Modern World”, by helping to raise funds to help the Passaic County Historical Society purchase the sonar equipment to find the Dey family cemetery!