Solve any your packaging problems

Retort Pouch

High-quality package for high end foods

Aluminum Retort Pouch

Our specialized staff will resolve your package problem with delamination or breakage etc.

We have a lot of knowledge to design and develop desired package for sauce , noodle, mayonnaise and boil or retort application etc.

We have a wide variety of measuring equipment in our laboratory and measure package strength like seal strength or lamination strength etc. and conduct retort sterilization in a retort testing machine.

Transparent Retort Pouch

Our transparent retort pouch based on high barrier Nylon provides high oxygen barrier properties before and after retort sterilization

Oxygen barrier properties of our transparent retort pouch won’t deteriorate after retort sterilization or vacuum packed. Therefore, they are preferably suitable for retort application or vacuum packed, can prevent discoloration of the food contents compared with any other transparent retort pouch

Digital Printing Package

Solve your problem by our digital printing technology

Variety design and variable printing

Optimize inventory

Highly safe ink