NISAR Science Community


Thank you for your interest in the 2022 NISAR Science Community Workshop. This workshop was held in 2022, and the agenda and presentations can be found on the NISAR website here.” 

The NASA ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar (NISAR) Science Workshop will be an in-person event organized by NASA and UNAVCO to bring together the science community in solid earth, ecosystems, cryosphere, hydro-geodesy and other areas of science that will benefit from the NISAR mission.

With launch planned in late 2023, NISAR will be the first radar of its kind in space to map Earth using two different frequencies (L-band and S-band). Its systematic mapping will provide consistent time series observation of our planet’s surface deformation and changes. 

This 2.5 day workshop will inform the community about the upcoming mission, its planned science data products and upcoming funding opportunities to work on NISAR related science. Breakout sessions, poster sessions and plenary science talks provide a forum for building collaborations and discussing future directions for SAR data analysis, science and applications. The program will also include information on available data analysis tools, computing resources and training opportunities. 

For more information on the NISAR NASA/ISRO SAR Mission, visit our website at: https://nisar.jpl.nasa.gov/

Workshop Organization Committee:  Paul Rosen (JPL), Susan Owen (JPL), Gerald Bawden  (NASA), Mark Simons (Caltech), Ian Joughin (University of Washington), Cathleen Jones (JPL), Paul Siqueria (University of Massachusetts), Rowena Lohman (Cornell University), Ben Holt (JPL), Anup Das (ISRO), Ann Chen (University of Texas, Austin), Yunjun Zhang (Caltech), David Green (NASA)