Nilai 5B

Class Overview

By the end of Nilai 5, students should be able to....

  • Identify tenses (Past/Present/Future)

  • Write sentenses using those tenses

  • Convert sentenses from English to Tamil and Vice Versa

  • Read and write sentence fluently in Tamil

  • If we were able to get through this curriculum, students will be encouraged to write a story / paragraph on their own in Tamil

Students are expected to arrive to online meetings on time. Google Meet is the platform we will be using. I am a new primary teacher to TALENT, and I am very excited to teach the kids.

About Me

My name is Alamelu Chidambaram. I go by Alamu. I have been an assistant teacher last year in TALENT. After college, I worked as a lecturer in an engineering college. I have passion to teach. Even though I am new to TALENT as a primary teacher, my kids have been with TALENT for the last 9 years. Mrs. Gomathi will be our assistant teacher for our Nilai 5B Class.