Yoni Salmon

Head of the animation department at "Minshar School of Art" in Tel Aviv, a cartoonist, animator and animation and pop culture essayist. Founder of "Shulyat Hakosem" animation blog and co-founder of "Moonfash" animation magazine. Since graduating “Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design” he has worked on numerous animation and art projects including "Waltz with Bashir".

Alon Rothem

My first book, a science book for young adults, was published in 2017, to good reviews and sales. My second book, a modern crime mystery, is due to be published in 2018. I have two unpublished fantasy books making the rounds in the publishing world and I am currently working on a third.

I created and am writing a musical animation show for the Israeli PBS, to be broadcast in 2018. I’ve created several children shows appearing on cable TV and the web. I wrote two feature length films with support of the Israeli Film Fund. I wrote produced and directed two short films with grants from the NFCT and Mifal Hapais, currently appearing in festivals worldwide.

I finished script writing program in the Sam Spiegel Film & Television School, Graduated with honors a B.Sc. in physics from the Hebrew University. I studied for graduate programs both in physics and in philosophy but didn’t finish my research thesis in neither. I am a yoga instructor and I practice acroyoga and meditation, and am a fellow in ALMA, Home for Hebrew Culture.


"The only proof he needed for the existence of God was music" Kurt Vonnegut

Jerusalem is forever dual: real and unattainable, ideal and mundane. We want to capture this tension at this day and age, here and now. Jerusalem is right here, present and alive - and yet the yearning doesn't cease. We keep longing for something holier, wholier. Our film represents the place where the realized remains unreal, out of reach even when it rests in the palm of our hand.

The pilgrimage is driven by the human yearning to find that which is absent, what that has slipped into the myth. Men's search for deep roots turns into something that is simultaneously present yet abstract. This is what our characters are facing: instead of stealing the treasures of the temple our space archaeologist settles for simple melody. On the most sacred of places now roams the foxes, and it is through them that the holiness can be revealed.

This is “the absent space”, a place void of the presence of God, of words and understanding. This is the only place where a man can stand free, to glimpse at something beyond comprehension.

Redemption can only be born from exile, from that which is lacking. Only from the vacated space can creation come. The messianic longing to find Jerusalem and redeem the sacred artifacts is replaced with a longing for something more sublime: for air and for Niggun, for a holy and true music; for the link between the earthly and the spiritual that was maintained by the creature representing the desolation and desecration of land: the foxes.

"When they reached the Temple Mount and saw a fox coming out from the place where the Holy of Holies had been, they began to cry; Rebi Akiva laughed. They asked him, "Akiva, why do you laugh?". He answered them, "Why do you cry?".

The stealing of a Niggun (tune), which stands at the climax of the movie, is a known Hassidic motif, maybe most familiarized by the song “The Ballad of the Horse with a Spot on his Forehead”, sang by Chava Alberstein. The stealing of a Niggun was done to Napoleon and to others. It represents taking the inner essence of a thing that has fallen, a redemption of an idea, to release the sparks of holiness out of the shells. With the foxes there is something more, best described in the question “What does the fox say?”. The fact that the fox has no known voice, is what makes it so mysterious, so alien – but also a symbol of deep human companionship, as told by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in “The little prince”.

Hello. My name is Yoni Salmon and I am an indie animator and the head of animation department at Minshar Tel Aviv.

"Niggun" is my latest film which I want to show online after 40 festivals tour around the world. It is a special film in 2D animation and it is a sci-fi spiritual adventure in Yiddish.

We, Alon and Yoni, the creators of this film, comes from different religious and cultural background – but we are both on a quest between spirit and matter, searching for an Alchemical point, in the chance of maybe never finding it. Our paths meeting of this quest does not only represent the voyage of our heroes, the spacious Rabbi and the space adventurer, but also helps in the search of a living breathing spirituality in a world where God no longer talks to men, but whoever listens may find him in unexpected places.