All Fall Short

by Nicole Cooley

Macie Sullivan prided herself on having Christianity figured out—if you act good, then you are good. And Macie was really good at acting good. But then she got entangled in an affair and her identity came crashing down. Who is she if she’s not the good girl? And how can she overcome the shame of what she’s done?

Praise for All Fall Short:

"Although not normally my genre of interest, I'm glad I took a chance on this one when it came across my Kindle daily list. Real characters, with real emotions, and a good reminder that salvation is not earned but a gift taken on faith and belief. I'll watch for more books from this talented author. "

"All Fall Short is an incredible story of a "Christian" girl who has Christianity all wrong. Through an affair that exposed a great deal of sin hidden behind closed doors, Macie discovers that God's love, mercy, and grace was not something she could ever earn. This is a must read for all, but especially those struggling to understand grace. Nicole does an amazing job of showing how God makes beauty out of ashes!! "

Cover art by William Hallmark