Nicolas Bonneton

Assistant Professor of Economics

University of Mannheim

Curriculum Vitae


Research. I am an economic theorist taking part in the collective effort to model, comprehend, and design markets & institutions pandered by search and informal frictions. My contributions are mainly on two fronts. First, I am working on the theoretical foundation and applications of search and matching models. Secondly, I am revisiting workhorse economic models by accounting for the often occulted fact that many agents (e.g. workers, managers, politicians) have unobservable intrinsic motivations. I try to understand the role of incentives in this context.

Teaching. I teach a second-year Ph.D. course (built from scratch) on markets, morality, and social responsibility. You can find the syllabus here. I also teach an undergraduate course on the theory of corporate finance, following the textbook by Jean Tirole. Both courses take place each fall.